Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yay, milestone

My big goal for the month was to finish editing M.H.’s book, and as of now I have—sort of. I conveniently forgot that editing leads to rewriting, which leads to more editing, which leads to more rewriting, which leads to more editing, and that it’s possible to continue on like that for infinity time.

But the rest of the work is probably going to be collaborative, so for the purposes of January resolutions, let’s just call this one a cha-ching!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Spin fail

I tried really hard to like spin class today. I even started a blog post where I humorously listed all the positive things about it. But it made me want to vomit (the post, not the class).

Then I went to work for a while and within a few minutes found myself quite literally yelling at all of the following:

  • Microsoft Word (no huge surprise there).
  • My teacup (it spilled very hot liquid on me).
  • My socks (they were twisty).

I thought M.H. was exaggerating when he expressed the concern that spin class was going to make me come home and yell at him. (Note to self: Never doubt that man.)

The weird thing is there wasn’t really anything wrong with the class. I was irritated that the instructor used the word “cheating” about 80 times—sitting down is “cheating,” taking more resistance off than instructed is “cheating,” and so on, plus she told us again that it was okay if we “hated” her—but overall I thought I enjoyed it more than last week.

Yet…I am undeniably grumpy. Maybe I’ll try one more time next week, just for the sake of science.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

For the love of “Rules”

“Rule” is easily the most coveted slot in my new monthly resolution framework; I just love making rules for myself. I’ve thought of at least ten really good ones for February and don’t know how I’m going to choose. I may have to consider turning my Goal into a disguised Rule—something like “Try two new classes at the gym every week”—except that Goal is easily the second-most coveted slot in the framework and I already have five or six great ideas for that.

There’s a downside to all this planning (I mean other than basically confessing in a public forum that I’m ridiculous). For example, one of my top contenders for a February Rule is something along the lines of “Spend about 15 minutes every day doing some sort of household cleaning task above and beyond the daily stuff.” And then I look out my filthy kitchen window and think, “I can’t clean it now because I have to save myself enough housework for February.”

Yes, I am hard at work over here saving myself enough housework for February. Sigh.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Spin class

Me: “I’m off to spin class. I think I’m going to wear earplugs and drink hot green tea instead of water.”
M.H.: “Those earplugs are going to sweat right out of your ears.”
Me: “Oh, I’m not planning to sweat. But I guess it would be better to take a water bottle.”
M.H.:You may not sweat, but you’ll still get wet from all the people around you sweating.”
Me: “If I take the Ironman water bottle, that might give me enough street cred that they don’t even notice I’m not doing the real workout.”
M.H.: “Sploosh! Sploosh! Sploosh!”

We had a conversation after spin class, too. But it was mostly me ranting about spin class and M.H. begging me never to go to spin class again.

HOWEVER, I was right that peer pressure (and music) got me to do a lot more biking than I would have otherwise. I did the parts of the class I wanted to do and ignored the parts I didn’t. I also ignored the instructor’s encouragement—e.g., “You can hate me later, just don’t quit now!”—because I am a grown woman who can decide this kind of thing for herself. I mean, seriously, I find that statement so ridiculous. How about if instead I just do as much as I feel is appropriate and continue to keep my personal feelings about you neutral to positive?

But I know I am strangely irrational on this subject, and I feel more ranting coming on, so let me just cut myself off right there and say that the earplugs were an excellent call, I really liked the music, I did sweat a little, I was happy with my workout, and I am leaning toward going back next week.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Swim! Bike? Run.

The GATORS swimming class at my gym started up again this week, just in time for me to make that my regular weekly swim for the month of January. Let me just say that it is amazing what peer pressure can get you to do. I went instantly from doing maybe 600 lazy yards on my own to 1,500 yards of focused workout. (It was hard on my shoulder, though, so I’m glad it’s just once a week.)

I know I could get the same effect with biking if I took a spin class, but I’m still really not sure I want to. A friend gave me some recommendations for classes that are less intense and screamy, so I might try one of those on Monday. If it causes misery and grumpiness, then I guess I’ll just go back to phoning it in for a while. I’ve been thinking I should see if I can borrow my sister’s trainer again and set up my real bike somewhere in the house. Those workouts were the stuff of nightmares from my Ironman training days, but I have to remember I’m not going to try to do, like, FIVE HOURS on the stupid thing anymore. Plus, now I have podcasts!

I’m trying to figure out running, too. My philosophy lately has been that I should only do as much as feels fun and easy, and that I shouldn’t get stuck in that “run forever really slow” pace. So I’ve been walking for a while, setting the treadmill for 6 or 6.5 mph (which is fairly easy but not a go-forever slog for me) and running until I feel like stopping. Then I go back to walking until running sounds fun again. I end up running less than two minutes at a time, but I think that will increase as time goes on. Hopefully enough to have me running a respectable 5K by July.

I really want to do that sprint triathlon with Mik this year, and it would be super-fun to be decent at it. I think I’m over being okay with coming in dead last.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Best New Life Plan ever

I had a feeling this make-new-resolutions-every-month thing would appeal to me. First, of course, I’m doing well so far on my January resolutions, which is good. But much more than that, I’m having tons of fun pondering what I should do in February.

Just now, in fact, I figured out what Errand I want to do, and I’m really excited about it.

Let me break that down in case you can’t immediately see how crazy it is: There’s a task I’ve been kind of needing/wanting to do for months. I have the time and capability to go out and do it right this minute. But, instead of that, I’m (1) making a plan to (2) put it on a list and (3) post it on my blog, so I can then (4) go out and do it.

Well, as long as it (5) makes me happy, right?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A painful workout

I decided to get my “biking” for the week done today. Of course that’s in quotation marks because it’s January in Montana, which means that it sucks outside. This year I think I heard we’re setting actual records for how much it sucks outside; there is no one on a bike, biking. (You would think it would stop the runners, too, but nothing ever seems to stop the runners.)

Anyway, we have a whole room full of spinning bikes at the gym. At first I was going to go to an actual spin class, but M.H. talked me out of it. I believe his exact words were: “I don’t want you spending an hour in there getting yelled at and then have you come home and start yelling at me.” Oh, yeah.

So I hit the gym when the spinning room was quiet and dark. And locked. Say what?! I thought, It’s just like this stupid gym to make the spinning room off limits unless you’re taking part in an official class. Outrage! Of course I would never take it out on the front-desk workers, though. So I went up there to politely inquire about it and, in summary, the door to the spinning room opens inward.

That’s right. Biking today hurt a LOT.