Friday, February 4, 2011


Friday: Swim 2,700 yards, yoga
Saturday: Bike 24 miles, run 4.5 miles
Sunday: Swim 2,500 yards, bike 14 miles

So I've either been cheating left and right on the rules of my sugar fast, or I've just declared Super Bowl Sunday a holiday. Yeah. I know. I'd go ahead and say holiday, but the fact is I kind of cheated yesterday, too. And there's no chance of declaring a swim meet a holiday.

The problem was that I volunteered to bring cookies to sell at the concession stand. And I make really good cookies. And then I decided that, since I was making cookies anyway, I should make another batch to bring to the Super Bowl party. For that batch I got the brilliant idea of making Turtle cookies with chocolate chips, pecans, and chunks of caramel in them. They were totally amazing, and everyone loved them, and there wasn't a single one left after the game, and let's just skip all the gory details and go right to the point, which is I'm not allowed to make cookies anymore.


  1. Unless I'm in town. But I won't be until after the race. So I still think you are OK. :)

  2. You could ship them here; I'll share them with my customers (yeah right).