Monday, July 11, 2011

June totals

I don't know what the point of this is any more, really, except maybe to put March, April, and May in perspective:

Run: 64 miles
Bike: 280 miles
Swim: 19,100 yards

Man. A couple of yoga classes, a couple of walks, and one short run over the past few days, and I am exhausted. I can't get over how, instead of making me tough as nails, the Ironman turned me into an invalid. Where are the guidelines on how to recover from something like this? Better yet, where are the guidelines on how to maintain at least some of your fitness after something like this?


  1. The fellow with whom I am romantically involved, who has done 3-4 of them, says that he's flattened for a month afterwards, and thinks of that as minimum recovery time - he doesn't even start thinking of running again till 3-4 weeks later. You'll keep the aerobic base, though, even if you take a month off!

  2. That is comforting. Maybe I'll chill out for a few more weeks.

  3. Your wish my dear, is my command:


    I love Chuckie V.

  4. Or if you weren't thinking of doing another one this year ;)

  5. Two thoughts:

    1. I've done far less than the second link suggests, and I'm still tired. But I'm also no Dave Scott.

    2. The Chuckie V link was worth posting if only for the suggestion that one should run on soft surfaces…like grass, pillows, or babies.

  6. I just think Chuckie V is funny. And that the recovery was based on doing another IM 3 months down the road. Who DOES that? and not have it be your j.o.b.?!? Seriously. ishk!