Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Resolutions for February 2017

February should be a busy month, but I’m hoping I can work in these resolutions around the edges:
  • Find at least 50 more items to give away. I’ve been through the entire house now on a “first pass” of decluttering, but this resolution is not so much about cleaning house as about giving things to people who need them more than we do (or who could raise money by selling them). I already have a pile of about 10 such things set aside, and I know there are at least 10 more hanging in my closet (and 7,000 on the bookshelves).
  • Give up dairy and eggs. This is a hard one, and those foods definitely aren’t a problem for everyone, but hear me out: When I gave up dairy and eggs a few years ago—along with sugar, grains, legumes, and other stuff that I’m already not eating—I felt fabulous and dropped a size in about three weeks. It’s time to run the experiment again.
  • End the month with at least one new T-shirt design on my little Spreadshirt store. (I would link to my little Spreadshirt store, but it’s pathetic and neglected, and I’m not even really sure how one would get there from the outside.) I’m hoping to come up with lots of ideas, actually, but the resolution is to get one of them actually created and posted.
  • Do one thing that makes me tougher every day. Mostly I’m thinking of cold exposure, but if for some reason I wimp out, then these things will also count as making me tougher: lifting weights, writing a letter to the editor, calling a congressperson.