Thursday, August 9, 2018

A keto plan

We’re back from several weeks of on-and-off travel and more or less staying put for the foreseeable future. I was not too happy with my last experiment in going keto, so I’ve been listening to many, many podcast episodes about the topic. It seems each podcast host has her own program that you can purchase to help you. I don’t really object to supporting these people who provide me tons of free information, but in the end—and coming as no surprise to anyone—I decided it would be more fun for me to develop my own plan. (You’re not the boss of me, keto expert!)

My understanding is that it’s important for women to go into keto gradually and without fasting or eating too little. So my general plan is to 1) start eating breakfast again and 2) eat more carbs for a couple of weeks (for me that’s like a sweet potato and two pieces of fruit a day, plus the usual vegetables and nuts). Then I’ll start tapering off the fruit and starches and increasing fat over a period of six weeks or so. That gets me well into fall, and I think I’ll try to stay keto most of the winter, which seems to me a super-logical form of seasonal eating.

There are several other aspects of this New Life Plan, too, in the back of my mind, but I’m making a conscious effort to keep this simple, which I will attempt to reinforce by not writing about them right now.