Friday, August 30, 2019

Now this

I keep restarting and restopping my blog—for very good reasons, including that since The Election I haven’t been in A Place to share much of anything happening in my head, let alone the kinds of stuff I used to write about. The personal tragedies of 2019 then took that “There is so much suffering; enough about infused water” mood and made it super-real.

Buuut I really love the exercise of regular writing, and I think I now have something up my sleeve that’s not too fraught AND not too frivolous. It actually falls into the category of “Writing about doing something awesome,” which I’m a fan of.

So to back up, I have dabbled in meditation because it is supposed to be good for you (as you probably know, I have dabbled in everything that is supposed to be good for you). Recently I got the notion that I should get more serious and, on a recommendation, checked out The Mind Illuminated from the library. It’s really turned my whole idea of what meditation is on its head. I had been thinking of the practice as the mental equivalent of flossing—you do it for a few minutes a day, you’re a better person now, end of story. But the book describes meditation as a journey, something much more like Ironman training, to use the pertinent metaphor.

At this point I’m just trying to establish a daily habit, so for accountability I’m going to record the time spent the way I used to write out my workouts.

Thursday: 15 minutes sitting
Friday: 15 minutes sitting