Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January resolutions

Happy last day of 2014! Here’s my Official Plan for January:
  • Goal: Finish editing M.H.’s book.
  • Rule: Swim, bike, and run at least once each per week.
  • Errand: Clean out the box of junk that we pulled out of the minivan before selling it.
  • Appreciation: My health.
  • Theme: Work when I need to be working, and rest when I need to be resting.
If it seems weird that I don’t have a diet-related GREAT, it’s because I didn’t think I actually needed any motivation to get back on the Carb Nite wagon. Plus we have not one, not two, but three swim meets in January, and I am learning to be realistic about setting expectations for those weekends.

And if it seems weird that I don’t have a writing-related GREAT, it’s because I’m very very busy and also a BIG CHICKEN.

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