Monday, June 23, 2014

OK, last vacation post

Below are the last few pictures I want to share from the Utah portion of our vacation. I should not neglect to mention that the REAL purpose of our trip was to first spend a few days visiting M.H.’s sister and her family in Denver, which was also really fun. I came away with lots of great memories, the rules for a fantastic running-around game you can play on a pool table, and a renewed addiction to ice cream. A bad one.

My sister-in-law is famous for the massive amount of ice cream she keeps in her (normal-sized) freezer. I didn’t count the cartons while I was at their house, so I was hesitant to try to make any estimates here, because, surely, if I said there were about 20, I’d be exaggerating and you wouldn’t believe me anyway. Then my brother-in-law tweeted a picture of all their current ice cream. You can just count them yourself.

After leaving Denver, I think we had ice cream just about every day we were in Utah, and I choose to blame the in-laws.

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  1. Some of these are really postcard worthy. So pretty.