Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Feeling great

Welp, I had my weekly run checked off my list before 6 this morning. I sound so gung-ho, right? But really it’s just because I had to drive Mik to 5 a.m. swim practice, and my chosen activity while there is to walk around the indoor track while listening to podcasts about nutrition. Only I was feeling pretty great, so even though I was wearing jeans, I threw in some short stretches of running, too. (Remember, the R in GREAT specifies that there are no minimum distances.)

Actually, I’ve been feeling a lot of great lately. I went back to my ultra-low carb eating, only this time implementing even more of the specifics I’ve been learning about. For example, I completely eliminated carbs from my breakfast—aside, I guess, from those found in sausage seasonings. I’ve also gone back to faithfully taking the supplements I’m convinced are really important, which are Vitamin D and zinc in the morning and magnesium at night.

It’s amazing the difference you feel when you go from being sick and eating all the sugar you can get your hands on to being well and eating right.

Our first Carb Nite of the year is scheduled for Saturday night, and I’ve decided to be really, really careful with how much sugar I consume. Not because it matters to the body what form its carbs come in, but because I think I need to break myself of the “Yay, let’s binge!” mentality. People talk about that a lot on the Facebook Carb Nite page, and they say it goes away on its own after a while, but the fact is—well, they have never met me. I’m sure that, without intervention, I could cling to a bingeing streak for a very long time.

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