Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Work spiral

It was a frustrating day because I spent a million hours working but got very little of what I needed to do accomplished. On one hand, I get paid by the hour, so whatever. But on the other hand, all I want right now is to get caught up so that I can work on some personal projects that desperately need attention—like M.H.’s new book—and maybe have some sort of life again. I’ve been continuing to take Saturdays off, but it seems I’m so shell-shocked by the end of every week that all I’ve been managing to do with them is lie around reading, playing around on the internet, and doing crossword puzzles. I think about painting all the time but don’t have the energy to make a decision about what to paint, let alone to get everything out and actually do it.

Reading over the above paragraph, I feel like I’m describing a rather severe problem, but solving it would definitely require getting rid of one or more clients, and I’m not willing to do that. I feel fairly certain that everything will quiet down eventually—my work has always been feast or famine—but it certainly hasn’t happened yet in 2018.

One plus side is that at least my busy period has been while the weather is still lousy. If this is still happening in May, it’s going to be a real problem.

P.S. I feel like I should resolve the burning mystery that I left hanging. So…I was literally picking up the phone to finally call customer service about my locked account when I realized that I wasn’t the one who set up the account at all—it was M.H. And he had his “favorite hobby” recorded in a super-organized spreadsheet. Problem solved! (Hooray, I am not going insane!)

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