Thursday, June 7, 2018

June habit

Since I am on a minor blogging streak, I’ll do the habit report. (I am still trying to add a new good habit, or eliminate a bad one, every month.) Here’s what I have so far:

January: Eat more vegetables
February: Take shorter, cooler showers
March: Start every workday at the standing desk
April: Something something gratitude
May: Keep social media out of my office and out of my face

The only one of these I’m doing well on is “Eat more vegetables,” but at least I’m doing better than before on all the rest. (It’s good to look at this list in its entirety now and then!)

So for June…I recently had the thought that if I just did one small house-cleaning task every single day, it wouldn’t take any significant time (and might actually make a nice break from desk work), but I could actually get a lot done over time. I started doing that a few weeks ago, but I think I’ll call it my June habit. Every time I notice some small thing that needs to be taken care of, I put it on my calendar for the next available day. (And the things on my list all take about five minutes or less—so not “clean downstairs bathroom,” for example, but “clean downstairs toilet.”) This seems to work really well for me, or at least I’ve done every single thing on my calendar so far and made the house noticeably more pleasant to live in.

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