Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mint mint mint mint mint

Did I say mint was hardy? I’ve since learned that a more accurate term would be “invasive.” I’m devoting an absurd amount of free time this summer to yanking out mint, plucking off the leaves, drying the leaves, putting the leaves in mason jars, and turning the leaves into tea.

The rate of incoming tea is about a thousand times greater than the rate of outgoing tea, but we do have a short growing season. So if I drink nothing but mint tea for the rest of my life, and convince all my friends and family to do the same, I should be good.

Here’s a measure of my mint-related desperation: I needed some insect repellent for an outdoor event, so I used Google to find out whether mint repels insects. Turns out that it does, but I was leaving in 20 minutes. So I microwaved a whole stalk of mint in some water until it boiled, let it cool, and then basically took a sponge bath in it. (There’s a real recipe for mint-based insect repellent here.)

I don’t know if it really worked, but it didn’t not work. I saw mosquitoes but got no bites!

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  1. 1. Make tea with fresh mint. 3x as much required.
    2. Grow mint in a container. The roots are underground runners.