Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fudgesicles and other fun stuff

Some exciting news:
  • Legitimacy is getting very close to being published, but while we wait for cover art (all signs point to awesome), M.H. bought some URLs that feature prominently in the book.* But he also bought a treat for me:! For now, if you go to, it just links back here, but someday I'd like to make something more of it. In fact, if this "Vanilla Cycle" trilogy becomes the smashing success that I think it should, my first act will be to quit several of my current jobs and become a mostly full-time blogger. Yes! Think of it as a perk for buying the book. :)
  • A coconut milk ice cream gone wrong gave me a brilliant idea for a Paleo fudgesicle, and my first attempt was amazing. Lemme play with it for a few more days, and then I'll post a recipe.
  • I have a few other ideas for posts besides just this Very Exciting List, so I think my summer blogging hiatus might be winding to a close. Nothing brings out the desire to write more than M.H. publishing a book. That and rereading Bridget Jones's Diary.
* and, in case you were wondering


  1. :-)

    I would like to try the fudgescile. Looking forward to the roll-out of the book too.

    Full-time blogger, sounds like fun!

  2. My fat fingers misspelled fudgesicle. But since fudgesicles are a hot weather treat, post it earlier rather than later 'cause our summer is going to be this weekend; and who knows when we will have any more of that weather coming.