Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A minimalism game

Well, we made it through another Whole30. I think I got a bit skinnier despite eating approximately 3,000 apples over the course of the month (there was a free ad…and a tree…and a Paleo apple crisp recipe—you would have done the same thing). But overall I was right in predicting it would be easy and boring. Now I'm going to try to be smart and reintroduce "forbidden" foods to my diet one at a time, starting with white potatoes. That has the potential to be less easy and boring, and might actually yield more useful information than my usual system of eating a ton of pizza and then feeling awful.

So besides diet experimentation, what's the plan for October? My family's going to play a minimalism game. On October 1, we're going to get rid of one material possession. On October 2, we're going to get rid of two. And so on, as long as possible. The possession can be sold, donated, gifted, or trashed. I'm going to be pretty lenient about what counts as a "possession"—an emptied-out file folder, a dried-out marker, a pair of too-small kid jeans with holes in them, or an old cardboard box that goes from the garage floor to the recycling bin would each count as one. I'm also going to be lenient about when the possession actually has to leave the house. If it's put in the trunk of the car to be donated to Goodwill on October 31, that counts.

I don't have high hopes that we'll make it through the entire month, since we already had a garage sale this summer and I've been in a slow process of getting rid of old clothes and stuff for quite some time. But I think it will be kind of fun, and I've already informed the kids that they're playing, too, so if anyone accidentally cleans his room in the process of meeting his quota, that will be a bonus.

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  1. A worthy goal. I need to join the fun. I already have 2 leaf bags full of old, too big clothes; but there is so much more to get to.