Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hard and easy

Okay, so controlled food reintroductions…hard. First I reintroduced white potatoes, which didn't seem to have any negative effect on me, then I reintroduced dairy, which upset my stomach, and then (sticking with tradition) I reintroduced way too much pizza and felt awful. I don't know why, but eating bread seems to dry me out horribly. I woke up the morning after the pizza with my mouth feeling like I'd just spent three weeks in the desert eating sand, and it was almost just as bad the following night. I am trying to rehydrate, but I just can't seem to get enough liquid into my body.

Meanwhile (delightful surprise), the minimalism game is easy—and fun! It's only October 6, but we haven't even had to break a sweat in getting rid of things. Yesterday I just asked Dex to open a random drawer and pull out five things we didn't need (he chose a lone chopstick, some iPod packaging, an old DVD, an ancient digital camera, and a bottle of "invisible ink"). Just glancing at our bookshelves, the toy room, the kids' rooms, and the kitchen tells me this isn't even going to get challenging for a while.

I guess it will get challenging at the point when it actually becomes about minimalism, rather than just decluttering.

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  1. My friend, a professional organizer, suggests that families should do this frequently and especially before Christmas. She also suggests that one thing goes before one come in. Fun things to keep the house de-cluttered. Just think about how organized your whole house will be on Nov. 1!