Saturday, April 26, 2014

Planning ahead

I felt well enough today to go for a short walk and then work outside in the yard for a while. I am hereby vowing right now to get outside more often this summer. This was the one just a handful of few nice days we’ve had all year so far, but there are lots more coming, and I need to remember that they are fleeting. And what I mean by “fleeting” is “it’s really great to live in Montana if you can conveniently forget all about a little thing called NOVEMBER THROUGH MARCH.”

We actually did a good job getting ourselves out of the house last summer. We went to the mountains several times and had many swim meets and climbing trips. Oh, and we went to Hawaii! I made a photo collage of our summer 2013 fun and put it in my office to remind me of what the warm season should be like and that one has to be proactive to make it happen. I have an identical collage frame that I’m hoping to fill with lots of photogenic summer 2014 excitement. I guess after that we’re screwed.

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