Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Officially in training

OK, I looked at a calendar, and I have exactly 7½ weeks until the triathlon. On the upside, that should be enough time to train myself into respectable shape for it. On the downside, it means nothing else can go wrong, because there’s not a lot of cushion in that time frame.

I realized that what I need to be doing while my calf is still a bit twitchy (it’s healing, though) is to train on a treadmill, walking only, but at a huge incline so that I can get my heart rate up. I did that for 20 minutes last night after yoga. It was hard, my heart rate went way up, and I got all sweaty! And I thought, wait, getting all sweaty is a notable event now? How long has it been since I actually worked out hard?  Huh.

The next seven weeks could be interesting.

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