Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In praise of YouTube yoga

I thought I was making a moderately large sacrifice when I switched from amazing-human-instructor yoga to YouTube-in-the-dining-room yoga, but I’m not so sure. Now that I have the benefit of several years of amazing-human-instructor yoga experience under my belt and know what to do, there is almost no downside to YouTube-in-the-dining-room yoga. In fact, here’s the complete list of the advantages of each:

YouTube-in-the-dining-room advantages:
  • Free
  • Get to choose my class every day
  • Can be done on any schedule
  • Can be done for any length of time
  • Can be paused at will
  • Can be done wearing anything I want
  • Impossible to forget my ponytail holder
  • No peer pressure to do or not do anything
  • No driving
  • Always get my “spot”
  • Can meditate immediately afterward for as long as I want
  • Can make tea right before starting so it’s ready as soon as I’m done
  • Natural light and proximity of pretty flowers
Amazing-human-instructor advantages:
  • Get to chat with amazing human instructor
  • Opportunity to ask questions about poses if needed
  • Don’t have to watch a 15-second ad
  • Don’t have to worry about UPS coming to the door
  • Other very nice people to talk to
I was kind of afraid that the awesome yoga high I got after class was from chatting with all the very nice people, but I see now that that’s mostly just the yoga itself. I may still go back to class one day to visit, but DANG this other thing is working out well.

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