Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Because I'm your mother and I said so

"What's this new vitamin? Magnesium? Why do we have to take magnesium now?"

Short answer: I read somewhere that we should.

Long answer: I read somewhere that we should. I found the argument compelling. I may have even read up on magnesium from multiple sources and clicked through to Real Science. But ultimately I remember only the take-home message ("Yay, magnesium!") and not the reasoning behind it.

My family is getting used to this. I've been reading a lot of stuff these days. In fact, if you ask me why I eat the way I do, or why I exercise the way I do, or why I'm avoiding sunscreen and shampoo, or why I'm in the process of procuring various powders to mix together and brush my teeth with, or what's that crap I'm making my 14-year-old rub on his face, you're more likely to get a link than an explanation.

Sorry. Maybe I'll be able to talk more intelligently about it once my magnesium levels are up to snuff.


  1. Why a supplement, why not increasing the foods that are high in magnesium? Almonds, Spinach, Cashews, Avocados...?