Monday, December 19, 2016

A yoga Christmas miracle

Today I want to tell you about my exercise resolution, which was “Daily yoga.” It gets miracle status, first, because I’m starting to feel great from it. But also! The practice of doing morning yoga has made an entire morning routine fall into place around it accidentally—something I had been trying for years to achieve with no success.

Here’s the schedule:
  • Get out of bed when I hear Mik returning from morning swim practice (around 6:15). 
  • Put on yoga clothes. 
  • Kiss my men, make tea, and do whatever needs doing in the kitchen until Mik leaves for school.
  • Write out a to-do list or a schedule of what I want to accomplish that day. 
  • Go downstairs, light the candles, and do a yoga video. End with a handstand. 
  • Do a tennis-ball massage (which has all but fixed my shoulder). 
  • Have some breakfast. 
  • Take a shower, get dressed, make the bed, hang up any clothes that aren’t. 
  • Work until lunch (or do whatever other task is on the schedule).
Of course, my best-laid plans sometimes fall apart a bit after lunch (and sometimes not!). But when you’ve gotten that much accomplished before noon it’s hard to go too wrong with your day.

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