Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Formerly Zero to 140.6

I'm playing around with my blog name again, so don't freak out if you see this in your reader and have no idea where "TheBombDotMom" came from.

Where did TheBombDotMom come from? Well, friends, that's what I say to my kids when something is so awesome that I want to see their little eyes roll into the backs of their little heads.

I like it as a blog name, though, because pretty much everything I do is TheBombDotMom. Here's all the proof you need: I was into knitting before it was cool. I became a home-based freelancer before it was cool. I promoted my husband* to full-time homemaker before it was cool. And now I'm really into eating Paleo, so I give it about another year before all the celebrities are doing it.

* And he self-published a book before it was cool, so you can tell I married well.

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