Sunday, September 30, 2012

Excuses, excuses

Since the year is 75% over as of the end of today (I know, right?), I thought I'd check in on my 2012 goals so we could all have a good laugh together:
  • Memorize 10,000 words (44% done): I said that as long as I kept up with my Romans-memorizing group, I'd be satisfied with wherever I ended up on this one. So far, we've done the first seven chapters, plus part of Chapter 8, for a total of 4,413 words. So it's slow going, but I am satisfied, and the group has been a lot of fun—wild and crazy Bible-memorizers that we are.
  • Walk 1,000 miles (43% done): At some point I figured out that there was no way I was going to walk that many miles and still have time for yoga and other forms of exercise, and I didn't want walking to actually become a detriment to my well-being. So I'm still trying to walk as much as is reasonable, but I'm not terribly concerned about having blown this goal. It turns out that 1,000 miles is a whole lot of walking. (Just ask my mom, who is on track to hit 1,000 sometime in November. And who is annoyed with me for getting her started on this craziness and then not following through. Sorry!)
  • Sell 100 items on eBay (12% done): Selling twelve items was enough to teach me that eBay is not a particularly efficient or profitable way to get rid of stuff, if only because it makes me do my least favorite thing in the world, which is paying through the teeth for postage. But I don't want to give up on this goal entirely, because we have tons of stuff that we should get rid of. I think in the name of simplicity I'll spend the next few months rounding up 88 items to give to charity, or to my nieces and nephews, and call this one good.
  • Lose 10 pounds (80% done): Gasp! Ahead of schedule! I was trying to get to 159, and I weigh 161 right now. Piece of cake.
  • Write 1 children's book (0% done): Hmmph. I've done a lot of writing this year but have given very little thought to that kind of writing. I know it's a bad idea to spend your life waiting for inspiration that may never come, but I would like at least a kernel of a good idea before I launch into something. 

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