Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2

New Life Plan(s) update:
  • Plant Paradox diet: Day 2, and it surprised me how full I could stay on vegetables, avocado oil, a handful of nuts, and a tiny bit of chicken. The book claims that excess animal protein stimulates your appetite, so maybe there’s something to that. I’m open to the idea of permanently altering my diet to include less meat; it would be cheaper, for one thing.
  • Social media fast: Day 2, and I’ve hardly noticed I’m abstaining from anything. Which is funny, because in December when I tried to stay off Twitter and Facebook one day a week, I caved every time. That addicted, can’t-stop-checking feeling is horrible—and it’s most of the reason why I’m taking another month off.
  • Yoga with Adrienne: Day 1 of the official 30-days-of-yoga was today, although I did another one of her videos on Jan. 1. The major difference between Adrienne’s choreography and mine is that I almost never hold a pose to the point where my muscles start shaking—that’s one way to infuse fresh life into my home practice, I guess.

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