Friday, October 27, 2023

Two little lessons

I’ve decided that the recitation of my little workouts is super-boring, even to me—and the list since I last posted would have been QUITE long. But I will say I have been faithfully doing 15 minutes of yoga every morning, along with one headstand on my bench, all of which feels great and seems to be making me stronger. I suppose the lesson is that consistency is good, even if it’s a pretty tiny thing you’re being consistent about.

Another lesson I have learned (in the “Month of Achilles Healing”) is that my Achilles really aren’t going to heal in the face of a poor diet. Earlier in the month we were eating out a lot, and I was making myself gluten-free pizzas for dinner almost every night, and my Achilles were just getting worse and worse despite everything else I was doing for them. Now I’ve gotten all the grains out of my diet again, and it definitely makes a difference. Annoying but true.

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