Friday, July 23, 2010


Friday: Rest

I am insanely full of nervous energy. I thought being well-trained and totally prepared would take care of most of the pre-race jitters, but — oooops! Finding out that the bike course is going to be substantially more challenging than I was expecting means I am totally not prepared, and the jitters are back, with their little friends, the butterflies.

All day I've been thinking of random things I'm going to need to bring — for example, Pam to spray on my legs before putting on my wetsuit, an ice cube tray to make Gatorade ice cubes at the hotel to put in my Camelbak, and slippers and fuzzy socks to wear after the race when my feet are shot. I decided that rather than make a list, I'd just start throwing all these things in a pile on the floor of my bedroom as they occur to me.

Note for next time: Chaos is not conducive to calmness.

P.S. The friends I was worried about losing touch with have found me and each other via Facebook and Twitter, so I'm relieved to know I'll get awesome advice here as well.

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  1. Julie, visualize visualize visualize ... POSITIVE visualizations really do help. Build in "what ifs" ... if a hill is tough? visualize how you're going to deal with it. (lower gear, slow down, breathe, mantra "I am cresting the hill" ... whatever) A quick, short workout on the day prior is good to keep your muscles sharp and your brain calm! You can do this! You are awesome! See you on the other side!!