Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No guts, no glory

I had a breakthrough of sorts at swim posse this week: I did the workout, and then I didn't feel drained and exhausted for the rest of the day. I guess that means I'm ready to make the jump from one practice a week to two, maybe. I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy the class at first, but now I really do. It's actually nice to have somebody else write the workouts, and to have friendly lanemates in the pool.

See, that's the kind of class my gym should offer more of. That spinning instructor from last week is still bugging me. I think it's because the message a class like that sends is, "The way to be healthy is to beat your body into submission." Honestly, even though it's not really my thing anymore, I have nothing against a nice, hard workout. It's just that if the class has to be shouted through the whole thing, presumably to overcome the screaming in their legs or chests, then something's not right. (To say nothing of the "it's never good enough" mentality, but I can't believe the instructor actually meant that. I suppose all sorts of stupid things come out when you have to shout for an hour straight.)

I think the motivation in swim posse is a lot closer to healthy: a) fun, b) friendly competition, and c) wanting to be a faster swimmer.

…And d) unsuccessfully trying to relive my glory days, but that's not really the gym's fault.

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  1. I shared your spinning story with a couple of the instructors at my gym. Their reaction was "there is no place for that in a good gym".

    You'd like the instructors here, but it's a little far for your commute. The only thing it is missing is a pool, but a community pool is being built - hooray!