Friday, February 28, 2014

Green tea and The Virus

I was just telling someone that, since starting to give Dex iced green tea every day (remember that?), he never gets sick anymore. He went through, like, five quarters of school in a row without a single illness so, naturally, immediately after I started patting myself on the back about it, he came down with a nasty cold and missed three days of school.

Sorry, kid. I know in my heart I jinxed you, but it was for a good cause: People need to hear that green tea really does do something amazing to the immune system. I never ever ever EVER get sick, and I’m not afraid to brag about it, even with The Virus in the house, because I drink enough green tea to be also immune to jinxing.

But I had forgotten how much illnesses completely ruin everything, so I think I’m going to redouble my green tea and Vitamin D efforts with the kids. Michael has the state swim meet next weekend and would be devastated if he got sick, although he is convinced that he won’t because he eats Paleo—which is an indication that my nutritional brainwashing campaign has been even more effective than my antivirus one.

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