Saturday, February 22, 2014

New fan

M.H. and I went to see Neil Gaiman talk in Billings last night—well, M.H. went to see him; I went as M.H.’s clueless arm candy. I was obviously aware that Gaiman is a very popular writer, but I’d never read anything of his and didn’t know much else about him.

Well! The man is a rockstar! I loved the short stories he read us (including this one), but more than that, he just comes across as so intelligent and kind and funny and charismatic…there was no leaving that auditorium not a fan.

Guess I have some reading to do.


  1. Anansi Boys is my favorite, with American Gods a fairly close second. Did you ever read Good Omens, co-authored with Terry Pratchett? Funniest novel EVER, also pretty certainly a major influence on M.H.?

    1. I was thinking of starting with Good Omens, since M.H. concurs with the "funniest novel ever" assessment.