Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why I'm eating raw liver

I hinted last week that I have a new New Life Plan experiment going on, and it has to do with liver! I have been reading a ton about the health benefits of liver (and other organ meats) but never thought it was something I would actually eat. (Of course, I never thought I would ever eat brussels sprouts either…) But then I read this, which talks about the brilliant idea of making frozen liver "pills" and just swallowing them whole.

That seemed doable to me—and I'm encouraging myself to at least try things like this instead of just thinking about them—so back in January I ordered a couple of grass-fed beef livers, waited until everyone else was out of the house, painstakingly cut the livers into little cubes, froze the cubes on cookie sheets, and then dumped them all into a plastic bag to hard-freeze for two weeks. You may think it's super-gross to put raw liver in your mouth, but trust me, making liver pills is by far the worst part. It's an argument for getting the knives sharpened, is what it is.

Anyway, I've started taking a couple of them a day at breakfast when I remember, but I suppose if I want anything to actually happen, I should start being more consistent and also take more. So, New Life Plan: Take about six liver pills a day for a month or so and see if it gives me superpowers.

P.S. I STILL haven't made it to yoga because Saturday's class was canceled. But I'm planning to try again in a few hours. This class had better happen, because I just can't cope with three days in a row of getting dressed for yoga and then not doing yoga. Getting myself all ready is the hardest part. Superpowers could potentially help.

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  1. I am torn between being totally grossed out and totally impressed. Aren't you formally the person who would not touch raw meat period? Interested to hear the results.