Friday, March 28, 2014

Swearing off the White Death

I have not written about sugar since my last rant, because not being able to “do” moderation is a really aggravating topic for me. But I think I’m ready now, or maybe it’s just that the last of it is out of my system.

So immediately after I posted about swearing off sugar, M.H. walked into my office and asked if he could take any of the Valentine’s Day candy off my hands. (His exact words were, “Have any grenades I could fall on for you?”) Not because he had already read the post, but because he was experiencing a Category IV sugar disaster and didn’t have any candy of his own.

I thrust the heart-shaped box at him and asked him to get it out of my life forever. Then I tried to figure out a very, very, very strict rule that I could still live with but would keep me from ever again getting so far gone. What I came up with was that I can eat small amounts of honey or 100% maple syrup in things I make at home—but no other sugar. That means that if I’m really craving something sweet I can have it, but I have to make it first, which is a pretty big obstacle.

I don’t know if it will work forever, but it’s working so far.

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  1. I still eat sugar but when I didn't I found that a spoonful of honey actually was much MUCH better than having cake or cookies around. Firstly it is SO freaking sweet that sometimes I couldn't finish the teaspoonful, making me gag actually. Secondly, it satisfied my craving THEN. And. it was over. Done. And I didn't have 3/4s of a cake or 11 more cookies staring me in the face. ymmv