Monday, March 17, 2014

Stress and the cure

My new job with Sneezy has been averaging 20 hours a week—most of it in 30-minute chunks occurring throughout the day, night, weekends—basically whenever there’s breaking Flappy Bird news that needs urgent attention. I’m not really expected to be available to edit 24/7, and yet no one has indicated a preference for what hours I do work, and I get the sense that Sneezy would be greatly convenienced if I could either read minds or just stay on call, so it’s all kind of uncertain and stressful.

In fact, I’ve noticed that I’ve become extremely stressed lately—more than the situation would warrant, really. I decided that it’s probably because I’ve been staying away from yoga in the hopes of letting my chronic shoulder pain heal up.

Unfortunately, the shoulder pain missed its deadline for being cured, but for now I’ve opted to continue doing my physical therapy on my own, rather than having DanTPT do some stretching thing that could supposedly accelerate matters. I figure I’ve lived with the injury this long; what’s a few extra weeks if I can save hundreds of dollars in PT? Plus, because it’s more fun to use the equipment at the gym to do all my therapy—rather than the rainbow of stretchy bands I have at home—it actually gets me over there every day, where I am sometimes wont to also jump on the treadmill or go to a yoga class.

Turns out that totally armless yoga is a lot better than no yoga, at least for my mental health.

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