Saturday, June 28, 2014

I scream, you scream

We ended up with more ice cream in the house last week because—guess what!—my sister-in-law and family made a short trip up here and of course we had to have some on hand to sustain their lives (yes, I’m blaming them again). As of today, the last of it is finished, and I am so sick of being addicted to eating junk again that I’m thinking of joining M.H. for another Whole30 he’s planning to start Monday. A bunch of random, self-imposed discipline sounds like just the thing to get our summer back on the rails.

“Off the rails” sounds so overly dramatic, but I’ve noticed that when I can’t get control of what I eat, I don’t seem to have any control of anything else, either. And I would like to support my spouse, who I have noticed is much happier and pleasanter when he’s not eating grains and stuff.

I went for a short run on Thursday but stopped as soon as I started to feel my calf muscle starting to twinge again. Then it kind of hurt most of the day Friday but feels fine again today, so I guess that was a success of sorts and I should try it again.

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