Friday, June 20, 2014

The boy who loves rocks

I was fine (even happy) with the “Dex has a job” concept, but for some reason I’m struggling today with “Dex is at work.” Dex…is at work? DEX is at work. DEX is AT WORK. Huh.

Maybe it’s just because neither M.H. or I have outside workplaces anymore, and so it’s been eight years since anyone in this family has “gone to work”—or maybe it’s because in some part of my head he’s about 6.

Either way, let’s commemorate the occasion with some pictures of him from our trip:

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  1. Alex is working too. She is saving money for college. Maybe because she's a bit older than Dex that I'm not freaked out by this...or maybe because I'm a bit older...or maybe because I went to work at age 12 for my dad's company and worked there summers until I was 20.