Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It was satisfying to drop off my box of 44 donation items yesterday, but it occurred to me as I was doing it that there’s almost nothing charitable about it. An easy, no-thinking, non-wasteful way to remove stuff I no longer want from my giant American house? That’s all about me, baby. I’m glad the homeless also get a benefit, but really it’s almost more charitable to SHOP at the store (and far better for the environment than shopping elsewhere). So I did that, too, a little, but the stuff I got was so cute and cheap that it did nothing for my sudden fit of guilt.

Not actually going anywhere else with that line of thought right now, so moving on to another aspect of my “44” theme…

Walking is harder than I thought it would be. Both of my two treadmill sessions so far were cut short by little aches and pains—today it felt like my ankle just spontaneously sprained itself (it’s fine now). But it’s a good thing I resolved to walk this month, because apparently my body has forgotten how. I didn’t think 44 miles would be all that challenging, but now I don’t know!

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