Thursday, February 26, 2015


Silly me, thinking this month wouldn’t be too busy, when it turned out that every spare moment that wasn’t spent working or achieving some sort of resolution needed to be spent on M.H.’s book. On the other hand, the book is soooo good, and soooo close to being done, and it will be fun to get it out into the world. I’m also excited for M.H. to get started on a new book, because the creation stage is much more fun for him than the revising-and-revising-and-revising-and-revising-and-publishing stage. (And writing the book blurb, LOL.)

Anyway, I’m really just checking in to brag that just now I did 10 push-ups! I wish they had been prettier and that it hadn’t taken every fiber of my being to finish them. But I’m pleased to have knocked another item off my February resolutions list—especially since right now it looks like they might not all get knocked off.

Hmph. For March, I need to curb my goal-setting enthusiasm a bit, maybe.

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