Thursday, February 12, 2015

Birthday shenanigans

My birthday was a long series of little delightful moments, like the kids randomly coming up to me and giving me hugs, trying a new restaurant for lunch and discovering that it’s wonderful, eating donuts and ice cream, and going to a middle school band concert that featured my kid being particularly awesome.

Instead of presents, all I wanted was to do a little shopping at an online used clothing store I discovered. I know it sounds like I just bought myself presents, but really, truly the shopping was the present. Anything that arrives in the mail in the next few days is just a birthday-extending bonus.

It was interesting to have everyone’s blessing to just spend a few days doing whatever I want and making all the choices. Mine were all about eating, collecting affection (yay, Facebook!), watching Gilmore Girls, and spending money. I also considered going to the gym or reading a book, but apparently my packed birthday schedule left no time for such secondary pleasures.

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  1. if there is only ONE reason to be on FB, one's birthday is it.
    birthday LOVE!