Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Month of Blissful Ignorance: Day One

A few weeks ago, I tweeted “Just a friendly reminder that Hillary Clinton is the only person who can save us from a Trump presidency and that if you don’t vote for her you’re dead to me!” I thought it was funny, and I sincerely believe the first half of it—plus it got a handful of retweets and likes, which for me signifies a killer tweet. I pinned it to the top of my timeline and planned to leave it there for the month of October.

Then, on Day One of my no-social-media resolution, I got on Twitter for 15 seconds and—squinting so I wouldn’t see anything else—deleted it. It had taken all of four hours away from social media to realize that it was so mean that I couldn’t stand to have it sitting there. Holy detox.

Summary of Day One activities:
  • Becoming nicer.
  • Googling “what stupid thing did donald trump say today” just to be sure I wasn’t missing out.
  • Meditating to try to slow my racing mind.
  • Picking fruit, making kale chips, composting, and taking a sunset walk—because why not just go full earth mama at this point?

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