Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Status report

Saturdays off update:
Taking one day off a week is marvelous; however, it increases my workload by 14.3% every other day. Hoping that will not be the case after I get through my busiest time of year.

Work update:
Could not be more behind/oppressed/doomed.

Christmas update:
So much done and yet still not “ready”! Insert rant about how the holidays are just a giant to-do list!

Exercise update:
Yoga most days has dwindled to me sitting on the mat and trying to calm down for four seconds. It is neither too cold nor too snowy to walk, but do I walk? (No.)

Diet update:
Going fine, actually. I learned how to make a delicious cream of mushroom soup without cream (it does have lots of butter). I’m also experimenting with different forms of carb cycling, which is my idea of a fun and interesting leisure activity.

Social media update:
I’m a lot closer than I want to be to being right back where I was before I took the month off. I’m back to being online too much (though less) and getting most of my news from Twitter. However, I feel less impotently outraged than before, which is good. Probably when that happens again it will be time to think about another month off.

Trash update:
We don’t even put the garbage can on the curb anymore many times because we produce only about a grocery bag a week of trash. It grosses me out to look around at all our neighbors’ overflowing cans. Remember when I read that book and thought the author was insane? That’s me now. (Trash is on my mind because of a) Christmas wastefulness and b) M.H.’s new manuscript that I’m supposed to be editing, so that’s why you’re getting an update on it.)

(EDIT TO ADD: I’m not implying that M.H.’s new book is trash, but that it’s about trash.)

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