Monday, August 13, 2012

An end to the festivities

So it took about two weeks for me to fall apart completely. I'm sitting here in the post-sister visit, post-Olympics, post-sleepover aftermath with:

  • A sunburn in the itchy stage
  • Apparent tendinitis in my left forearm
  • Five new and exciting pounds
  • A sore neck
  • Mental fog
  • A sleep-deprivation headache

I think the tendinitis came from trying to steer an unwieldy rubber raft down the Yellowstone River last week. Or maybe it was 90 percent from hitting Shift-Ctrl-Z all the time and the rowing just pushed it over the top. But whatever the cause, that's the thing that's making me most unhappy: It means I can't do yoga, which I consider essential to getting my life back on the rails, although maybe not eating potato chips and ice cream cake for a while will help with that, too.

The things that tried to kill me were really fun, though. (Obviously excepting the sleepover.)


  1. Heh, well, we're sorry. It was nice to see everyone, though.

  2. I noticed that our visit wasn't on the list of things you are recovering from. Hopefully that is true and not that you forgot that we were ever there...

  3. Oh, I didn't forget! But when you were here, I was still eating pretty well, so I didn't count it as part of the falling-apart. :)