Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh, just experimenting on the kids again

Dex gets tons of colds and, a few days ago, had his second round of what the Internet diagnosed as viral pinkeye. I put my foot down: No more illnesses allowed. We have got to DO SOMETHING about this kid's immune system.

As best I can tell, the magic bullet is green tea. I started drinking it about five years ago, and in that time I've succumbed to exactly one virus. So for the past three days, I've been putting a cup of green iced tea in front of him at breakfast and another one at dinner. He doesn't exactly love it, but he doesn't really mind it, either—which makes sense, because it doesn't taste like anything unless you concentrate.

If he can get through a quarter of school without getting sick, I will strongly suspect that it's working. If he can get through two quarters, I'll be sure enough to make Mik start drinking it, too. If he gets through three quarters, I will declare the experiment a complete success, because that would be absolutely unheard of.

Yes, that IS how the scientific process works.

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