Thursday, September 20, 2012

The quest for cookie perfection

One lingering effect of the Whole"30" is that it makes me think before popping something into my mouth. Lick off the spoon after stirring the kids' rice? Not really worth it. Eat the quarter of a hashbrown Mik left on his plate when he left for school? Totally worth it!

At least I think about it more, is my point.

The unfortunate part of having quit the strict program, though, is the wild, reckless, dangerous freedom I've had to resume experimenting with Paleo chocolate-chip cookies. (I just keep getting better and better, I tell you.) One cookie contains about a quarter-teaspoon of pure maple syrup, plus five or six chocolate chips, as the only sweetener. That means they easily meet my kid-snack standard of "better for you than Frosted Mini-Wheats," so I let the boys have about six each last night. They do not, however, meet my own snack standard of "lay off the nuts, for crying out loud," so I'm really a danger to myself.

The goal is to get them as tasty as possible while minimizing the sugars, and after that I'll settle on a recipe and be able to continue to make them for the kids once in a while without needing to sample every batch. Anything is possible when you believe in yourself.

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