Saturday, July 6, 2013

Free time and the Year Without Sugar

I'm on day four of being all caught up with work, and it's so…weird. There was probably a ton of stuff I could have done around the house, but instead I've finished four novels. Reading, not writing, obviously. M.H. is 100% on board with my crappy-romance-novel-writing plan, though, and he's already offered me three different plot outlines to use, all of them perfect. The man is a book-idea machine. This New Life Plan could totally work; I just need to learn how to actually write a novel and we're all set: I'll write for money, and he'll write for art. Art and money.

Sorry for the abrupt change of subject, but you know what is working beyond expectations? The Year Without Sugar plan. I admit I had to amend it to a Year Without Sugar on the Mainland, but it still keeps me out of all sorts of trouble. For example, I was at a Fourth of July gathering where one of the snacking options was a HUGE GLASS BOWL OF PEANUT M&Ms. Normally I would have been dipping into that thing from minute one and not stopped until I had literally made myself sick. But I had the rule, so I didn't have a single one, and it was just fine, no willpower required.

A Year Without Cheese, or a Year Without Grains, might be healthy, but it would be too much for me—because, hello, pizza. But it turns out I can actually handle myself around grains and dairy now without needing a rule, so why complicate things?


  1. Will you tell us your pen name? It seems like a workable plan, though I hope you will still edit here and there for family members. :)

    1. Oh, never ever EVER. But yes, I'll still subcontract for you when I'm rich and anonymous.