Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Planning for next year

The whole family is still pumped up about racing and triathlons, so we've been talking about what we could do next year. Mik is gung-ho about doing the adult tri (a sprint), and I had said if he did I'd do it with him. But then I had a better idea: What if Mik does the tri individually, and the rest of the family does it as a relay—me on the swim, Dex on the bike, and M.H. on the run?

Mik, of course, loves the idea. He thinks he can take all three of us.

As for me, I'm committing right now to doing something at the Big Sky State Games next year. Either the swim meet, the triathlon, or both.


  1. I agree! When I was young fit, and coaching swimming I raced my 11/12 A & B mixed medley relays teams(the top boy or girl in each stroke), swimming an IM. I came in second. There was less than 2 seconds between the 3 of us.It was fun and the A relay had bragging rights forever.