Friday, July 12, 2013

Toward a more literary life

For maybe a year or two now, I've been writing a short review on Goodreads every time I finish a book. I sooo wish something like that site had existed when I was younger (also the Internet itself). I would love to have a record of every book I had ever read, along with my thoughts about it at the time. Wouldn't that—in utter seriousness—be an absolute treasure?

I explained all this to Dex and Mik, convinced that, based on the obvious wisdom of my advice, they would immediately open their own Goodreads accounts and start eagerly posting reviews. (And, you know, that they would start actually reading novels just for the fun of getting to write book reports about them.) Instead they just looked at me like I was ancient and insane and possibly speaking in tongues.

Oh, well. I'm sure they will find their own satisfying paths through life. Mine seems to be doing things and then writing about them. And since I enjoy book reviews, and work hard on the ones I write, I'm going to start recycling some of them from Goodreads to post on the blog as well. Not today, though. Maybe when I get busy with work and don't have time to either read or write, and they can remind me that there's more to life than quarterly earnings calls and technical documents on public transportation.

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  1. Then you get to be my age and you write down the books you've read and what they are about so that you don't check them out of the library again.