Saturday, August 24, 2013

Post-sleepover, end-of-summer introspection

I've been thinking that my wanting to return to the school-year routine is not a longing for routine so much as it is for a return to discipline. As a family, we were headed off the rails anyway with our diet and sleep and just general level of doing useful, productive things. But now, in the aftermath of Mik's Birthday Sleepover Celebration of Debauchery, we are completely off those rails and somewhere in the next state.

I mean, there are empty Sunkist cans all over my basement right now. Like, more of them than there are children in the house. (Of course, it's still better than last year.)

I've heard that September is the "new January," and to me it seems like an even better time to make all sorts of resolutions and New Life Plans. Instead of atoning for just a few weeks of terrible eating and general-throwing-of-every-good-intention-straight-out-the-window like you do on January 1, in September you've got to try to repair two to three months of it.

I know I need to chill and that a kid only turns 13 once (bye, childhood; sniff), but I'm just thankful that as a family of four, we have only four days per year when cake and ice cream are mandated by federal law. Actually just three, because I'm such a lawbreaking rebel, but if my birthday were at the end of summer instead of in early February, who knows what kind of heady, unrestrained craziness would happen?

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