Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spam comment poetry

I get a lot of spam comments on this blog, which I guess Blogger deletes from the posts themselves, but first I get to see them in my Feedly feed. They're usually pretty funny ("Your site appears to be like great") and always very complimentary ("Finally I've found something which helped me!"). I don't mind them much. At least, I don't mind them as much as I would mind forcing my commenters to prove that they're human all the time. Based on my own failure rate with those, I sometimes wonder if I myself am part robot.

Today I got this little beauty, broken up like this as if it were a poem.

Wow, this post
is nice, my sister is analyzing these kinds
of things, therefore I am
going to let know her.

Couldn't you just see me making a big anthology of short poetry, by robots, for robots? I could call it "Everyone Loves It When Individuals Get Together and Share Opinions." Don't steal that idea. I'm actually going to do it.

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