Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer hiking, Part IV: Crazy Creek Falls

This was maybe the most enjoyable trip yet, despite another distinct lack of hiking. But just look at the view from the top of the Beartooth Pass:

Now look at my clever son who made up a fun car game for the long drive. Rules: 1. Look straight out the front window through binoculars while someone else is driving on treacherous mountain roads. 2. Scream in hilarious terror. 

When we got to Crazy Creek, we nabbed a little campsite and then walked over to the falls, which are an amazing area less than 10 minutes off the road. The cascade was huge and cool, and there was no way to photograph the whole thing, but here are some pieces of it:


Before we left I posed the menfolk for their album cover:

We really weren't in the mood for a lot more hiking, and the prospect of a fire was calling our names, so we gathered up some driftwood, headed back to our campsite, and sat around all afternoon and into the night talking. It was awesome. And here is how Dex likes his s'mores: 

The plan was to stop on top of the mountain again in the dark on the way home and watch the Perseid meteor shower, but we were tragically foiled by clouds. Will have to try again someday. The end. 

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