Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My latest thinking

I mentioned that I fell off the no-sugar-for-a-year wagon—which sounds like a really lame thing to do in NOVEMBER, for crying out loud, when I've almost made it—but I don't think it's really all that tragic. Because I'm constantly reading about nutrition, my views on what I should eat and what I want to eat have been gradually evolving for a long time now, and I no longer think that avoiding sugar like the plague needs to be my priority. (New Life Plan alert!)

See, I read something really compelling a few months ago (and I wish I could find the link) about how severe and widespread the body's inflammatory reaction to gluten can be, and how it can actually last for long as six months after exposure. And I realized that, while I've really cut back on gluten—and given it up completely for as long as 30 days—I'd never actually been gluten-free for a significant amount of time.

As of now it's probably been a month and a half since I last had gluten, which I think is the longest I've ever gone. I still avoid all the other things I was already avoiding (soy, dairy, eggs, sugar, legumes, grains, vegetable oils) but not strictly. Mostly, I just have no desire for any of it. But it seems one "totally off-limits" food is enough for me.

Guess what, though? I'm starting to notice some new differences in my life. For one, I feel like I've lost some more weight, which is always welcome (you know, up to a point). But, two, my mood has improved. You probably all know I'm generally happy and easy-going and in no way prone to moodiness or depression. But lately I've been feeling much better than easy-going and not depressed. I've had moments—lots of them—of pure, dance-around-the-house-for-no-other-reason-than-the-joy-of-being-alive happiness. (And this, by the way, is despite sitting in my office for 12 hours a day and basically never seeing the sun.)

Long story short: I don't really miss pizza.

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