Thursday, November 14, 2013

The stupidest week

Ever had a nightmare where you work and work and work at something incredibly urgent and important and it all falls to pieces? That was me most of last week. I'm not complaining here about being overworked. I'm complaining because there were technical difficulties at every turn that made HOURS AND HOURS of my work—and a few hours of other people's work—completely pointless. So it's really no exaggeration to call the whole process a nightmare, except that at some point of course it did end and I got to send out an invoice for about a million dollars.

I thought about literally sending an invoice for a million dollars, but I'm guessing my client wouldn't actually have found that as funny as I did at the time.

The good news is that I didn't experience the whole empty-shell phenomenon after finishing up, maybe because it was just five or six intense days, rather than a solid month, of doing nothing but work. I took about half a day to recover and feel sorry for myself and take a long bath, and then I got right back into the swing of doing a reasonable amount of work, cooking, cleaning, reading, memorizing Romans, and just generally rejoining the family.

M.H. is relieved. He's doing NaNoWriMo and says it's his turn to declare a work emergency and make me take care of the household.

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