Sunday, November 3, 2013

Romans emergency

The seven of us who have hung on and are still memorizing the book of Romans were dismayed this morning when our pastor covered all of Chapter 14, plus some of Chapter 15, in one big bite and is therefore now preaching ahead of what we have memorized. (If it seems like I have been memorizing Romans forever, you would be correct. We're approaching the two-year point. And this is one seriously in-depth sermon series.)

The rallying cry now is we have to hurry! Memorize as much of Chapter 15 as you possibly can by Tuesday! And I am feeling doomed, because next week looks to be the busiest work week I have ever had—or will ever have, if I can help it—and I don't know if I can muster the mental strength to memorize anything at all. Especially since I don't think these last two chapters are as meaty and interesting as some of what we've done already—but you never know. Sometimes memorizing something changes my mind about it.

Incidentally, I had several problems with the pastor's interpretation of Chapter 14 today, but seeing as it contains teachings on the appropriate way to deal with "disputable matters," I think I'll just appreciate the irony and let that one go.

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